GEEEK MX110 Build & Review

The case I was using before this came was the define nano s, a 30 liter itx case from fractal design. While it is a great case for small form factor liquid cooling, it wastes a lot of space, even with a full size GPU and 240mm AIO. Enter the GEEEK MX110 mini itx case, an acrylic and aluminum case that can fit full size components in a 20 liter body. I ordered this case last week after looking into sff cases that would fit my existing components, and this article is meant as both a review and build log.

Here is a link to the case

These are smaller images so the page does not take to long to load. To view full size images, open them in a new tab and remove the small_ prefix (not the x at the start).

The case comes in parts with a lot of assembly required. Above is the assembled case with the side panels removed. The aluminum sides gives the case a solid build, and while there was some side wobble it was pretty minimal.

The back of the case

Size comparison between the fractal design define nano s and the mx110. You can tell the define nano is much longer and a bit wider, but a also bit shorter.

I had the fans off because I was switching out my old ones. Motherboard installed and not much else.

You need to detach the front panel if you want to attach the gpu and psu. It's very difficult to get either with with the case fully assembled.

Initial parts installed. I've added some nice red extension cables. I suggest that you build in the following order to avoid pain:

  1. AIO radiator and fans
  2. Motherboard assembly
  3. PSU
  4. Front panel fans & stuff

Fully assembled! My vega does NOT fit in here. This is where I ran into my first problem: You can't have an AIO and a 280mm GPU in at the same time. I swapped out the Vega for an Asus dual 1070 instead. Make sure the rad fans are intake so the gpu gets some air. Also, the gpu bracket does not have any places to screw in. The gpu is held up by a small bracket with some pins.

Size comparison with 27" monitor and my desk.

This pic sums up the cable management pretty well.


The geeek mx110 is a great case for very specific builds. The cable management is nonexistent, and cooling could be better, but it looks hella and could be perfect for your pc.


  • Really nice clicky power button
  • 240mm AIO support OR 280mm GPU
  • Great build quality and look


  • AIO can block larger gpus
  • Poor cooling on gpus with AIO
  • Only one fan slot
  • No PSU airflow on the bottom
  • No cable management, period.

I think the perfect SFF build in this case would have two high airflow fans on the top pushing air into a large, 2 fan gpu such as the EVGA SC gtx 1080 and a 120mm push pull AIO such as the corsair h80i or a larger cooler such as the Noctua NH-D14 (looking at the compatability tab on the link below, this case should fit a 160mm tall tower cooler). Also, this build could benefit from shorter psu cables and a modular power supply so the back is not such a mess.

Here is a link to the case