Advising Finland

Finland has been doing great over the last century. Universal healthcare, free school and university, and an easy path to employment make Finland one of the best places to live, not even mentioning the quality of education. However, Finland can do better. I’m honored to have been chosen as the advisor of this country[1], and I hope I can offer some useful suggestions.

My suggestions:

GDP growth

Real GDP vs year, world average and Finland, World Bank data

Finland has been behind the world GDP growth since the drop in 2009. Trying new growth strategies is a must; another five years of similar lackluster performance could be bad for Finland’s economy. Finland has been hit harder than the average country in economic downturns; settings up safeguards or saving more money could help. In addition, the growth rate compared to western countries, such as the US, has been low. Research in catch up growth could be used to grow the economy and improve quality of life.

Drunk driving & car accidents

Deaths and injuries per year, 2001-2011, National Police Board of Finland

A common offense in Finland is drunk driving. While the amount of deaths per year from drunk driving have been going down close to target, the amount of injuries have not seen substantial change. Getting more serious about road laws and increasing the severity of lax (compared to western countries) drinking laws could reduce deaths and improve per capita gdp.


Finland tourism vs Iceland tourism, World Bank data

Sweden, Finland’s closest neighbor, has had increasing tourism rates while Finland’s tourism has stayed largely the same. I think that Finland should embrace tourism, offering deals with cheaper flights, food, and stays, and advertising stays in Finland around the world. A lot of money can be made from tourism, so keeping the country a beautiful place should be a priority. Harsher littering and building laws should keep the country clean and green.

Finland has done well with universal healthcare and good policies, but it could do better. By focusing on tourism, clamping down on drunk driving, and working on GDP, Finland could grow and get even better.

  1. Sadly, I'm not really the advisor. ↩︎