5 Strange Linux Distributions That Are Useful In Their Own Way

Robert Washbourne - 4 years ago - distributions

Some of the weirder things you can find on the internet can be Linux distributions. Linux varies from tiny, 11mb terminals to eye candy leaking, feature packed desktop environments. It ranges from heavy metal 'buntu to super secure, containerized linux.

Because Linux is open source and free, anyone can edit it to their hearts content. Below are some of the more interesting edits, in descending order of usefulness to strangeness.

Qubes OS


Qubes is a linux distro designed to be secure. By compartmentalizing the file system using "qubes", they isolate applications and data. Qubes also includes browsing with multiple identities, a secure clipboard, and temporary applications.


The above screenshot shows how KDE can be customized to suit Qubes. You can see the multiple occurrences of Firefox and Thunderbird, each color a different "identity" belonging to a qube.

Qubes Linux may be low on the weird meter, but it is quite useful for security fanatics. It utilizes the power of compartments to isolate files so that if one identity is compromised, the rest of the system stays secure. Screenshots from website

Ultimate Edition

Ultimate Edition

Ultimate Edition Linux's goal is to "Re-define the Ultimate operating system", and it is doing quite well, if redefining the os means slapping a ton of eye candy on customized Lubuntu. The screenshot above is from Ultimate Edition Gamers, which includes PlayonLinux and a lot of emulators.

Ultimate Edition themes
Ultimate Edition includes lots of themes from each release of the os.

I'm not sure how Ultimate Edition could be useful to most users, but the gaming edition is quite nice and I use it when I want to preinstall all my gaming software. Screenshots from website

Ubuntu Sanatic Edition

sanatic edition
This is Ubuntu for the heavy metal fans.

Their website states that this is the operating system "for the damned", and if being damned means owning a ton of die hard metal wallpapers, themes, and music, then Sanatic certainly lives up to the challenge. Screenshot from website

se timor wallpaper

Their wallpapers are actually quite nice. If you love heavy metal art and music, the "Distro of the Beast" may be just the one for you.

Suicide Linux

gif sl

Any time - any time - you type any remotely incorrect command, the interpreter creatively resolves it into rm -rf / and wipes your hard drive.

'Nuff said. You can download Suicide Linux as a debian package from this link. I know this is a debian package, but Ubuntu + this package is the same as Suicide Linux os. Gifs from demo video

gif sl

You can't even open nautilus anymore, after just a tiny slip. Ouch. However, Suicide Linux can be used from an "educational" standpoint, which does make it useful. As stated by their website:

If Suicide Linux randomly deleted a single file without telling you every time you made a typographical error, it might be an interesting look into the stability of your operating system and an educational tool for diagnosing and repairing corrupted systems.



GoboLinux is a unique distro that changes the package database. It actually gets rid of the database, because the filesystem is the database. Each package resides in it's own folder, such /Programs/Xorg-Lib/7.4 and /Programs/KDE-Libs/4.2.0. The root directory of GoboLinux looks like the following:


Every program lives in the Programs folder, and each program has a symbolic link for quick access in GoboLinux. Screenshot from website

Each of these distros are useful in their own way, albeit a little weird. If you are used to the monotony of normal linux distributions, you should try playing with some of these options.