5 Reasons To Code Python

Robert Washbourne - 5 years ago - programming, python

Python is a great coding language, easy to learn, and not too hard to master.

  • Python is completely free in all aspects, even for commercial use. It runs natively on Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and others. There are many projects made in python, some that may surprise you. Eve Online was coded with Stackless Python, a multithreaded, faster version of python. Also, Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean was coded in Panda3D, using python scripting. Frets on Fire was also coded in Python.

  • Scipy Stack is a Python library of computing modules. This is one of the most popular python modules, as it contains the essentials, like Scipy, Numpy, Matplotlib, and more. Ipython is one of my favorite modules. It includes an enhanced, interactive shell that makes debugging, interactive plots, and profiling easy.OpenCV, standing for Open Computer Vision, is an awesome library for depth sensing, image rectification, object tracking, and almost everything you can think of in the Computer Vision field.

  • Python uses modular programing, a system that automatically organizes functions and classes. Each class can have submodules, and so on. When you do from numpy import array python automatically binds array to that function. This is good for organization purposes.

  • Python Docs are wonderful docs, and there are many examples on the pages. Adding documentation to your own code is easy, just add triple quotes after writing a function or a class.

def bigger(arr1, arr2): 
''' Find if arr1 is larger than arr2''' 
return(arr1 > arr2)
  • Python’s syntax is very well thought out. Code within functions and loops is indented one block, so it is easy to tell at a glance what code you are editing. Also, it looks a lot cleaner. Python code compared to Java looks a lot more understandable. In addition, it also encourages collaboration.